The UA Apprenticeship Program teaches through both classroom and on-the-job training in what is considered by many to be the best construction industry apprentice program in the world. It’s a five-year program that motivates apprentices to learn a challenging and rewarding trade while upholding the ideals of trade unionism.

Apprenticeship is both an ancient tradition and a highly-effective modern training method, particularly for those choosing to work in the exciting and increasingly technical construction industry. The United Association has the first nationally registered joint apprenticeship program in the United States, dating back to 1936 over 60 years ago!

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Individuals who enter a United Association five-year apprenticeship program are part of a select group of men and women motivated to learn a complex and challenging trade while upholding the ideals of trade unionism.

Applicants are evaluated on the same fair basis, without regard to race, sex, national origin or religious affiliation. UA apprentices learn through both classroom and on-the-job training in what is considered by many to be the best construction industry apprentice program in the world. The five-year apprenticeship period is divided into one-year segments, each of which includes 1,700 to 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and a minimum of 216 hours of related classroom instruction.

All UA apprentices receive a strong general education background in the trade, with core courses in basics such as mathematics, drawing and so on. At a certain point, apprentices can choose a specific path to follow, to become trained as a journeyman plumber, pipefitter, sprinklerfitter, service mechanic, and so on.

All training programs are run through United Association local joint training committees in specific cities or regions, and are overseen by National Joint Training Committees. One of the things that makes the UA training program so successful is that we view it as a joint partnership between labor and management.

Apprenticeship is not an easy time: UA apprentices must work the same hours as journeymen plus attend night classes. Yet, this can be a highly rewarding career path for an individual who is motivated to learn the piping trade and become an active member of a proud and noble trade union

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  1. Resume
  2. High School transcript or Equivalency (GED) certificate
  3. Need 30 credits
  4. At least a Grade 11 Science in either Physics or Chemistry (Biology would be considered)
  5. Grade 12 English and Grade 12 Math (College entry math)
  6. Must be at least 18 years of age
  7. Social Insurance Number
  8. Must be legally entitled to work in Canada

This is the first step in the application process.

In addition, applicants must successfully complete a mechanical aptitude test, an interview with the JATC committee members and hands on application review/testing.

For each of these steps, the successful applicants will be notified by the hall!

Note: Applicants are responsible for removing all information on education proof that relates to: race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, record of offenses, marital status, family status and handicap.


How to apply:

Local 663 typically accepts applications in July (we reserve the right to change dates)

When we open our intake process, each applicant must:

  1. Apply in person with proof of education as mentioned above.
  2. Fill out an application.
  3. Receive a time & date to write the Mechanical Aptitude test.

After applying:

  1. Only the applicants with the highest scores on the Mechanical Aptitude test will be invited for an interview.
  2. Those applicants selected from the interviews must attend a mandatory safety training session.
  3. After the training session is completed, pre-apprentices will be placed on a list to be dispatched as work becomes available.

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